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Sports writing is interesting and fun. It can be a report on a recent game or a feature article profiling a team or player. Sports articles and posts seek to generate reactions from readers while also presenting objective statistics about its subject matter.

To write a good sports article, it is important to have a lead paragraph that will grab people’s attention. If you’re writing a feature article about a team or player, open with a sentence that reveals something about the person or team’s accomplishments.

Note that the majority of your readers might be sports fans. So, a good sports article should offer a human-interest angle that will draw in other readers as well. Although fans of the game may know key pieces of information about the match, team, or player, clear descriptions and interesting stories will grab readers’ interests.

Avoid the use of big words that might confuse or bore your readers. You can use certain verbs or catchphrases to describe players, actions, and teams. Before long, those words might become popular among readers and fans. So, instead of using words readers expect, bring new life to your piece by finding verbs that vividly capture the subject matter.

Are you a good sportswriter with a sports story to tell? Then write for us. You can check out our contact page on how to reach us. Thank you.